Thursday, March 7, 2013

Descesdants of Dinosaurs

Ever since Sanju saw Jurassic Park he gets excited at the mention of 'dinosaurs'. He even started crawling and acting like one. Well, actually more like a bipolar disordered dinosaur that alternates between cute purring cat and a wild dinosaur. So we gotta act in awe and then scared to our guts.

Our porch washing routine is usually very adventurous especially with the water, foam and all that dirt play. Oh yea those are all the things that boys are made of.

They usually chase after their porch pet, a fly or two.

It gets most interesting if we find creepy crawlies, like spiders, millipedes or the dinosaur babies! The permanent residents of our porch are indeed the little lizards, and I made it more exciting by introducing them as the baby dinosaurs. Needless to say kids were amused for a while seeing the wet lizard stuck near the wall, unable to escape the wet surrounding. And gosh I was getting goosebumps everywhere. But hey, the kids enjoyed watching, erkk!

Crawlies or no, the kids have enough fun to give following pictorial tutorial, and you can sing along with the tune of 'Here we go around the mulberry bush':

1) This is the way we wash our hair

2) This is the way we bathe ourselves

3) This is the way we wash the sky

 4) This is the way we wash our sibling


They get a warm bath right after this tiring activity, hoping to keep cold at bay. I recall childhood was the time when we were so curious with water and always got excited seeing streams or pools of water. I hope I am doing well in creating sweet childhood memories for them.


Darren said...

hahaha...hilarious... water is always a big part of our nice, adventurous, memorable childhood... i have a few most memorable ones to recall after reading this... <3
#i still play with water with my brothers...the younger one especially...

QarezmaV said...

Oh yea, rain water drain water all done!

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