Friday, March 1, 2013

The Superhero

He has a secret identity. An identity he has hidden from the world for years now. As much as he tried to stay under cover, as your regular next door naughty and noisy, ice cream and chocolate loving toddler, it is impossible not to be spotted by the watchful eyes of the guardian aka parents. This secret is for safekeeping on this blog. DO NOT blow his cover!

Ok back to being myself, the boy recently attended Chinese New Year celebration at GM Klang, and got himself batman face painting after seeing so many face-painted superheroes walking around.

This is the last proper smile before getting the face painting done.

 After completing the painting, he refuse to use any of his face muscles. He was stern and serious all the way, afraid to spoil his 'look'.

 He is also the Spiderman sidekick who does topless pin-ups.

And this is Sticker-boy! Be afraid, very afraid!

During snack times he moonlights as vampire with cutesy smile.

This is him right before afternoon nap take-off.

However, no matter what superhero or avenger or external undie wearer you are, when at the local mamak, you have to call out to get your order.  

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