Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life's Simple Messages

This is not unlike those heartwarming forward emails or as in these days, facebook shared stories. Only thing, this is a personal experience.

We all know life with kids is not a bed of flowers. But as the saying goes, it is indeed a bed of roses. Before you beg to differ, let me add, realistically, it is indeed the roses that comes along with the thorns along its' stalk.

Life with kids tests us in many ways. Our patience, our creativity or even our mental strength, at many levels, ways, times and situations more than one.

On Saturday afternoon, after our hearty lunch we headed to Amcorp Mall as hubby had a brief meeting and we also planned to visit the BookXcess for some books for us. But things don't always go as we plan. Ideally I would have wanted to handle the kids on my own at the store while hubby gets the meeting done. But realistically, the boys refused to let go of their father's side.

So we attended to the meeting with kids in tow. I am frantically trying to keep the kids entertained, from giving them ice cream, buying small toys, to letting them play with our phones. Meeting had to be cut short, and the kids insisted to visit the toy store yet again to buy an item that they already have at home. Redundant duplicate entry, as they say in DB management.

I totally lost my mood because it felt like we had totally no control over the kids. However in the end, once they had their duplicate items, they were happily walking about at the book store. Hubby insisted I take my time to browse and get the books I wanted. Reluctantly, I adhered, trying to cheer myself up because at least the kids started behaving.

Once we are done, we start heading out. My mood is somewhat the same, hoping to be in the car so the kids will sleep and we get our moment of silence.

Suddenly we spotted a lady, holding a stick and wearing glasses. She was visually impaired, and standing on the pavement right beside the road. As we got nearer, we noticed that she was holding some packets. Hubby asked her for the price of the packets, which turned out to be sachets of herbal cocoa drinks, and immediately he purchased a few from her, and got her to keep the change. To which she quickly thanked us and said 'God Bless You'. 

Those three words means so much. We felt so glad that those words fall upon us in the presence of the kids. Such blessing from genuine and pure hearted individuals are the ones that matter the most. She was so polite and happy in explaining to us about the herbal drink. And I give her my utmost respect and admiration for braving in the hot weather to sell her product to us regular persons.

As we walked back to the car, we felt so good and my mood changed for the better. Here we are having a good life, and we forget to stop and smell the flower. We forget to appreciate. We forget to look into the brighter side of things. Or at least I did forget. The moral of the story: The kids are not easy to handle. But the kids are our world. Enough said.

The sachets came with a pamphlet. The chocoholic in the house is gonna have some party! And if you happen to be in Amcorp Mall, do spot her and support her cause.

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