Friday, November 12, 2010

Bitten by the Babywearing Bug

Well I won't say it is a bug, but more of an essential item, for me at least. I did kind of hear about babywearing when Sanju was much younger, but I guess I was kind of a slow pick-up there. Somehow it did not occur to me how beneficial and convenient it would be for me to babywear. Babywearing is a practice of carrying or 'wearing' a baby or child in a carrier, that comes in many different types.

Experts say babywearing benefits the baby by promoting better physical development and secure feeling by being close (almost skin to skin) with the wearer. We are often told how swaddling and massaging baby promotes growth and better health, it works the same way here. Remember how babies cry and fuss more often as a newborn? I remember my experience, Sanju constantly needed to be carried otherwise it was difficult to soothe him down. How I wish I had discovered (rather opened my eyes) earlier! And hey, while babywearing, you and baby can bond and communicate better.

Babywearing is so convenient you can provide this security, bonding and closeness while carrying out daily chores, such as cooking and doing the laundry. Whats more, babywearing proves to be a good workout for the wearer (thats you mama!), with the baby weight and chores going the same time, imagine the amount of calories you'd burn!

You'd not believe there are tonnes (ok maybe not tonnes, but the number of BW gears they own do add up to tonnes :P ) of BW mothers in Malaysia, you can find them at the Malaysia Babywears forum. About the babywearing bug that bit me, I shall share the details and picture soon. For now, if you don't BW yet, hop on now!

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