Monday, November 1, 2010


I am not an eco-friendly product user and I'd like to convert into one. How safe are your baby products? Read here. Heck, most of the products are those that I have been using on my kid, they are mostly the gifts he received after his birth. This article is truly an eye opener, and perhaps it is the right time to change now. This is why I am using this giveaway as a chance to score me some freebies to consider for full future use.

What enticed me towards the Seventh Generation products are the organic and chlorine free properties. The harmful chemicals on most commercial product don't just pose long term harm on the user, but also to the environment when it turns toxic. They are not called 'Seventh Generation' for nothing, the products are truly ahead of its time!

More info on the giveaway here. For more info on Lifestyle Green Solutions products, refer website here.

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