Sunday, November 14, 2010

My new SnuggBaby - Good Earth Blooms with Maroon Straps

We have now ditched the stroller for good - it was already under-utilised for a while now as my mightier half prefers to carry Sanju whenever we are out shopping, etc. Hate hitting the strollers onto people's behind and steering like we already do on the road. I suggested getting a Soft-structured carrier (SSC) to him, he agreed this could take much load off his back during (my) shopping hours.

My better half contributed significantly choosing the design (that I liked, LOL)... I don't know how but I am kinda good in letting him choose the one that I want...

Hubby: I like the checked design
Me: Err... ok...
Hubby: This one looks nice
Me: Errr.. it has beige straps.. not my kind of thing
Hubby: Which one u prefer?
Me: Good Earth Blooms with the maroon straps
Hubby: Ok, then take it
Me: Aww cool! Good that we chose together!
Hubby: (???) yeah right
Jokes apart... he likes it, and he wears it (voluntarily) most of the time while I get my hands dirty picking vegetables.

Now back to my Snuggbaby... I got it from the online store Snuggbaby and I am totally loving it! Thanks to seller Liza for the excellent job and wonderful after sales support! My experience on the SSC as a first time wearer is totally comfortable and enjoyable knowing that Sanju is safe on my back. I usually wear him when I am doing house chores such as cooking or laundry... but the little busy-body likes to lean sideways to see what I am doing at the front. As for my hubby, he loves carrying Sanju on the SSC while we are out... as expected, no strain on his back, and putting on the SSC is totally hassle free, we even put on/off a few times while shopping for hubby's Diwali clothes. Now, is that cool or what!

You may be wondering, heck all the talk but where is the real thing? Ok, here is a picture of me with Sanju on my back (my dad called this vietnamese-style-carrying).

Happy baby Happy mommy!


Cas said...

Wah finally a gorgeous photo of mommy and her super cute baby. Girl you're so slim, what's your secret? And I'm contemplating getting one of those for Sairah too!

QarezmaV said...

thx ;) no secrets, just running around for my little one helped me lose weight

since Sairah is still little, you can start with other carriers too, eg sling, pouch.. helps in soothing them down

Mr. J said...

hai happy mom. hhehe. hai hai from borneo island.

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