Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Cloth Diaper?

As new and seasoned moms who are very much comfortable with traditional nappies and disposables, you might wonder, why even cloth diaper? Isn't it:
  1. Costly
  2. Require high maintenance
  3. Difficult to manage the poo, and
  4. Difficult to travel?
With so much of complications on cloth diapering (coupled with a baby and home to care for), who wants extra trouble?

Well, that is exactly what I thought about cloth diapers when I was doing my baby care research during my pregnancy. RM50 for a cloth diaper? I can get 2 dozens or more traditional nappies with that money... and plenty of disposables too... and I did.

So I achieved my cost requirement, for lampins with minimal maintenance - for the first 1 month, that is! My daily routine was washing and drying and folding lampins. Disposables were for night use, but it was difficult getting all the lampins done at times so I resorted to disposables for most of the evening and night use. With this, I went on washing/drying and buying disposables one after another. And we all know disposables are not cheap, a pack of RM40 (hypermarket price) can only go for 2 weeks, shorter if you travel in between. I needed a liberation, I was not prepared to do laundry for the rest of my FTWM life. Therefore, I switched, and man, that was the best decision I ever made for my baby!

From my experience, after converting, if I were to recommend, why CD?
  1. Cost - lets look at the bigger picture here, your baby is going to be in diapers for minimum of 2 years of age. Imagine buying RM100 worth of disposables every month, that is RM2400 for the 2 years, and they all go down in the dumps creating landfill. If you invest in 20 CD (enough to rotate for 2 days), you will be spending RM800 on average. Plus, the reduced load of laundry contributes to lesser power and water consumption, and also baby detergent.
  2. Maintenance for CDs is fairly simple. Use detergent with no enzyme & bleaching properties, wash them together with normal baby clothes (ensure CD is rinsed after every use) in the washing machine, and voila, you are done!
  3. Managing the poo is easy-peasy with modern day diaper liners... just toss them into the bin. Also, once your baby is on solids, the poo is much easier to wash off the CD, try it to believe it. Honestly, I find it harder to manage poo on a lampin instead.
  4. Travelling again, is easy-peasy, with a wet bag handy, you can bring your CDs with you anywhere you go. There are various CD systems to suit your travelling needs, eg All-in-2, you can re-use the shells by only changing the soakers.
  5. Save the hassle and pressure of rushing to do laundry every morning to meet your diapering needs. Save the hassle of frequently diaper changing and cleaning for baby. Save the hassle of rushing to the supermarket to buy disposables (I've seen fathers at 99Speedmart buying beer & disposables on a Saturday night).
Make your decision today. Hey, I am not selling any products, just sharing my experience, to relief of the headache you might face.

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