Monday, November 15, 2010

Lassi Recipe

Yogurts are usually best kept over 14 days in the fridge, otherwise it would turn too sour, which is ok if you are like me. If you have plenty of yogurt leftover in the fridge and do not know what to do with it, try this lassi drink.

Lassi is a traditional Indian (mostly Punjabi) yogurt drink. They come in salty or sweet taste and these days, its even made the ice blended way with fruity flavours. You can get them at most Indian restaurants, and it doesn't take much to make it on your own.

For 2 servings, you need:
  • A cup of yogurt
  • 2-4 tbsp of sugar (depends on how sweet you want)
  • 2 cups of ice cubes
  • 3-4 cardamoms
  1. Mix all the ingredients into a regular blender, and blend till all ice cubes are crushed
  2. You can substitute sugar with salt for a salty type of lassi.
  3. Alternatively, reduce the sugar, and add your favourite fruits, eg mango, kiwi
Just made kiwi lassi for the first time over the weekend, and it was refreshing for a hot weekend! Great and healthy drink!

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