Sunday, November 14, 2010

Homemade Yogurt For Baby

Growing up, yogurt has been essential part of my daily diet. Mom always made sure there was sufficient yogurt in the fridge daily as we'd take it with our rice, dhal and vegetables. Recently started planning on including yogurt into Sanju's diet, and since the commercial yogurts are not that pure and fresh, I decided to make my own. But now without the access to fresh cow's milk, I resorted to Dutch Lady's pasteurized fresh milk.

The method is pretty simple.
  1. Make sure you have about 1 tablespoon of yogurt (to use as a seed to culture your own) ready in a container you want to make the yogurt in (I prefer stainless steel containers, as it is safer than plastic, easier than glass.
  2. Boil about 500ml (well it just depends on how much yogurt you want) milk in a pot. Boil till the cream starts expanding till the top of the pot and you can lower the fire and let it boil for 5-7mins more, making sure the cream does not spill all over.
  3. Once done, turn the fire off, and let it cool (covered) for 5-10mins.
  4. Mix the milk into the yogurt container, and stir it with a spoon. Leave it out for about 10 hours. And then store it into the fridge to avoid it turning too sour.
Here is the final product of my yogurt I made over the weekend:

You can serve yogurt to baby mixed with fruits, or cooked with pasta. Try it!


Anonymous said...

hi there

thx for the recipe. but to clarify, when u say to add 1 spoon of yogurt, this is the commercially made ones?


QarezmaV said...

Hi ann,
You can use commercial (unflavoured) ones or buy from indian restaurants. Once you made your first batch of yogurt, be sure to save '1 spoon' again for the next batch.

Anonymous said...

thx for the explanation.

when i read up further, they talk abt the need for accurate temperature for the fermentation process. is it a must or your method is the shortcut to it?


QarezmaV said...

Hi ann, i've heard of the similar temperature constraints, but so far my method works fine, shortcut, as u call it :)

Let me know if it works for you.

amanda said...

Yogurt is easier to digest than milk because the lactic acid in the yogurt aids in the digestion of the milk calcium, making it easier to absorb and it is the best source of protein. Yogurt can lower cholesterol and also known as "grow food". Thanks for sharing this healthy recipe. This is remarkable. Your homemade baby foods recipe is going to be a big help. Thanks to you for post this article.
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christinejalleh said...

Thanks for your post. I have an Indian friend who taught me how to do this years ago but I've never had the chance to practise it. Too busy with work!

I may want to try it one of these days...I'm such a lousy cook I hope it'll turn out right. Don't wanna poison my baby :S

QarezmaV said...

christine, cooking becomes more fun when u do it for your baby, dont worry, get some tips and guides, u will nvr go wrong!

Anonymous said...

thank you, just wanna ask, can i make yoghurt from expressed breastmilk?

QarezmaV said...

i know frens who hv done so with ebm

Anonymous said...

So the concoction is 1 tbsp of yogurt vs 500 ml of pesteurised milk?

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