Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Kasuri, The Baby, And I

So much for the gempak title. Actually I just received the travelling pslings from a MBW mama, and being a ring sling, this was my first time ever using a sling to babywear. I received 2, the kasuri, and shijira.

Thanks to Norley for leaving the kasuri threaded. Me, the eager-beaver mama got to try it on immediately. And yeah, I shall earn some brownie points later in threading the shijira later.

Firstly I love the material, for a noob, it makes me feel comfortable and confident that my baby is in the right hands (sling). And surprisingly, Sanju seems more calm in the RS than he does in the SSC. In the SSC he tends to turn his head behind to see whats happening, while in the kasuri he is almost in his hand-carry position, so this dude was as comfy as ever!

And the most convenient aspect of the kasuri RS is that I put him on at home, wore him to the car (hubby drove) and got down easily at the mall. And I could take Sanju out of the RS for a few moments, and let the RS around me, felt like a sash LOL! Of course for a first timer I was adjusting and kept checking on his butt placement, but hubby told me I looked pretty expert with the RS.

Overall, great experience... if I get the chance, I would love to get on psling for myself.. but this 10 month kiddo might not last long in the RS.. but I love the elegant feeling it gave me. Thanks zana, for the chance to try this!

Here is a pic before we left home... planned for a movie, but there was nothing nice.. I guess the shijira will have the chance to make it for a movie, oh yea, it will also be Sanju's debut at the cineplex.

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