Monday, November 8, 2010

Festive and holiday seasons are here!

While I am still in the Diwali mood, I noticed that since Hari Raya holidays started, the festive and holiday seasons have arrived. Now with Diwali season, and Hari Raya Haji coming up next week, we are going to see plenty more public holidays in December, before welcoming Christmas and the new year!

With all the holiday excitements, do take extra caution to ensure safety while being on the road. Ok so my nonchalant and totally oblivious self has not much technical knowledge nor skills on auto or car maintenance and safety (I refer to each mechanical part as the *functional*-thingy), but it helps to know there are such sites as RepairPal that provides auto maintenance estimates.

During my time I sat for drivers license, we did not have the hands-on module, but at least I do remember steps such as adjusting the seat, checking the review and side mirrors, check engine light, check the indicators and wipers before starting to drive. This prepares us to ensure these functional essentials are working when needed on the road, also helps us to know if there are any specific or potential problems in the car condition.

To get a better idea of your car model's problem reports, Q&A, recalls and feedback, RepairPal provides search options, for example Ford F-150, to access and know about your auto. The auto shop directory page gives an overview and information on the outlets recommended, San Diego auto repair is one such example.

Finally I can enlighten myself with better auto knowledge on the 'thingies' involved, or at least, scrutinize a car model of my choice.

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