Thursday, November 11, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic Mom

Like many, I fully support and practice home cooked baby foods. They are not just healthier (free of preservatives and flavouring), also gives me full control and knowledge over what my little one is consuming in his diet. Also, it makes me feel like (sort of a) super-mom when I do my best juggling my work and his food preps on weekly and daily basis.

However, whenever I am out shopping for groceries (or just shopping for the adrenaline rush) I can't help getting attracted towards those pretty looking packed foods for baby. Whats more, they come with charming little labels seducing me that they are safe and healthy for babies, well at least, for occasional consumption... And I give in to temptation as usual, buy them, and create another stack in the fridge beside the frozen foods. Just today I was about to pick up a few more of those pretty containers when I remembered the current lot that I am already storing. And yeah, Pureen warehouse sales is coming this weekend.. they have pretty heinz stuff too... hmmm...

Lets take a look at my (baby's) stock:

So with all those home cooked foods stacked, when does one get the chance to use the pretty packed stuff? Well, I am hoping it will come in handy during those busy or traveling days. Even then, I am usually quite organized to plan some thing home cooked to insert into his meals.

Preparing (cooking and freezing) baby foods gives me some kind of high, sometimes I tend to get addicted to storing more and more types of food for him, as long as I have vegetables and fruits in the fridge. In the end, I hardly get chance to use up the yummy packaged stuff that I get him. What would that make me, home-foodie-holic, or store-a-holic? LOL... suggestions please?

Lets hope I stop buying more baby food before I finish off the current stock, or maybe I get a different addiction to keep away!


Kit said...

Both my kids actually hate the bottled foods that most of them end up wasted :P

They have been spoiled with home-cooked food that I have to sort of "train" them to eat outside food or I'll never see the outside of my home LOL

You're such a good Mom to cook for him :)

QarezmaV said...

My kiddo is pretty flexible.. he takes homecooked food most of the time, and is also fine with jarred ones occasionally

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