Saturday, July 24, 2010

My new androidian status

After weeks of research and survey, I've finally got my HTC wildfire in my hand. Hubby agreed this was indeed the right model for me, after much convincing and perusal.

The process of surveying was indeed very interesting. Firstly most of the shops did not deal with HTC phones. One such shop that I approached actually told me that wildfire uses some Microsoft OS that is not user friendly. I may not be mobile expert but I sure know that wildfire is using Android. I immediately decided that shop does not deserve to sell HTC if he knows nuts about the OS. Another shop guy told me wildfire is a new model not yet in the market. I was like wtf, I held OS just days back at bkt tinggi jusco. Needless to say I avoided the mentioned shops for good.

After finally finding the shop with the best deal, the Chase was not over yet. It took 3 days to get the phone in stock. It either the HTC folks produced the phone on limited numbers or it is just in demand. Hubby dear is now very involved in the teeter game and vowed to maintain his highest score record. After sanju, this phone has been keeping me awake now exploring the many apps including Blogger Droid!

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