Friday, July 9, 2010

My hubby's second love - Chili's

Yes, his second love is Chili's Grill & Bar... Well it is really FOOD in general, but Chili's reigns at the topmost position, due to this western (American to be specific) menu. Those large burgers and sandwiches served there easily beats the tiny (in comparison) BigMacs at McDs.

When the new Chili's opened in Empire Gallery, Subang recently, we just had to go and try it (like we didn't taste it already). Subang is somewhat nearer to our place in Klang, rather than the usual trip to Bangsar or Midvalley just to dine at Chili's.

We had our usual favourite & compulsory appetizer - Triple play, our main dishes & some margarita.... it actually turned out to be early celebration for Germany's win against Argentina.. But now when I think again, what a waste they lost to Spain! At least we got our Chili's, so, who cares.


mummy alesya said...

i love chili's too

Sheena said...

i love chili's!!!never missed to go here whenever went to KL!!!

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