Sunday, July 18, 2010

My opinion on Parenthood

Well I am not referring to the new TV series playing on StarWorld recently. It is not like I get to catch any TV shows lately, not even my favourite superstar's Living with Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan reality series!

However, something from the initial trailers of Parenthood did catch hubby & my eyes. One character mentions that 'parenthood' is all about the kids. Which is so true, my little 6 month old boy actually controls the house from the day he was born. Where we go, and what we do, is all decided by him, and his schedule. And the lucky chap does not even need to keep any diary or reminders to run his busy life, he has 2 people running all around him making things work for him.

Now when I think back, being a kid was the best thing in my life, we never had to think about technicalities of life, and everything is run for us just perfectly. Now, actually being in my parent's shoes, makes me truly feel and appreciate what they have done for me This goes sincerely for you!

And I'd like to take a short moment to confess that I manage to steal a few minutes of my lunch hour to watch Living with SRK!

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