Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My wish-list: HTC Wildfire

Could this be the one? Lately been doing some research for a new smartphone, and this really attracted my attention... good features & potential and not to mention relatively generous to the wallet (clutch, in my case).. Am I ready to embark on the Androidian journey?

For those who came in late, Android is a new mobile operating system developed by Google. It is totally open source, allowing anyone to develop for it without having to pay fees. That means it is constantly new and evolving, with thousands of new apps available on the Android Market, with more to follow.

Although professionally I am into computer, IT and such, but it is not really a personal interest. Perhaps this would unleash the 'IT geek' in me? Let see... and stay tuned

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Sheena said...

owh I loveeeee these!!!!

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