Monday, July 26, 2010

My new mobile hazards

There's been plenty of hazards with this new android I am carrying now. For one thing this is my first touchphone, so sending sms is not as fast as before. Thanks for the smart feature that recognises possible words even if we jumble them up with our big fingers. However, I am trying to send as little sms as possible at the moment, need to get used to it for a little while more. Furthermore as I am keeping the phone busy with me exploring the new horizon and software, battery is running low like nothing. And it doesn't help that the automatic 3G connection was eating up my credit, until I finally turned it off. Can you believe, it consumed RM10 in just 30 mins... thank god I didn't get a data plan or something, otherwise I'd be forking out $$$ just on monthly bills!

Mean while, hubby is having a nice time laughing away at my learning curve plight.

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Sheena said...

Oh do post the pix please!!

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