Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My World Cup 2010 Fever

Hubby is a super duper huge great fan of the Germany team at the World Cup 2010. He has decided to make our Sanju a German player for the 2030 WC, even got the number 10 for him.

A couple of weeks before WC 2010 started, hubby was on a journey to purchase his once -in -a-4-years German jersey, and his extra special mission this time was to get a similar one for little Sanju. Thanks to jusco, this hunt was not difficult. And as soon as he got the jersey, hubby made sure he took a snap of Sanju in his new jersey, in full action.

Wanna know how it turned out? Well, the picture below speaks a thousand words and goals!

Justice was made to these efforts when the Nazis kicked some major ass at the WC2010 and now playing at the semi finals! We're all rooting for Sanju's team's success like our life depended on it! Now lets hope we get to ship Sanju to Germany by 2030 WC!

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