Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first food blog

I've been planning to blog about my recipes but usually never get around to taking the photo as hubby and I are usually too soon to gobble it up once off the stove. Ok maybe I aggregated a bit truth is cooking and savouring each and every bite is a challenge during these times of King Sanju's ruling.

I love cooking and according to hubby I'm the best cook in the face of earth and other planets, or something to that effect.

One dish I recently tried is our Malaysian favourite (and my top fav) char kuey teow. I don't usually stick to a particular set of recipe while cooking, just go with the flow, ala chef at home on the AFC channel.

The basic ingredients are your regular thick and light soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, and chilli sauce. I sauteed onion, lotsa garlic and ginger with dried red chillies. Also some chicken, fish cake and egg. For the vegetable balance factor, there are cabbage, carrot and the usual kuchai and beans sprout. Bon apetit!

edit: for some reason I can't rotate the picture, pls bear with me... Learning curve

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The Mrs Blogs said...

Mmm mmm sure looks very very yummy!

QarezmaV said...

thx :)

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