Thursday, July 8, 2010

My WC 2010 rantings

Just as predicted by Paul the soccer picking octopus, Germany is out of the finals World Cup 2010. I was actually planning on writing off the accuracy & dependency of this octopus, but amazingly, it turned out right again.

As absurd as it is, in an event that happens only once in 4 years, involving about 20 men running after one ball with the whole nation & world cheering for them, is now depending on predictions by an octopus. And the more interesting news is a bird in Singapore, named Mani, is now joining Paul in picking winners.

Brief info here:

What's next, are these animals planning on predicting 4Ds as well? I know people interested in subscribing such service, and maybe this will be a good way to provide these animals a good home, apart from other efforts by PETA such as the unnecessary nude photo ads by celebrities worldwide.

The interesting part is yet to come, lets see how accurate the octopus is for the finals ESP-HOL match, if the Germans haven't butchered him yet. Sambal sotong anyone?

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