Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Fast Food Rantings

You know how some fast food restaurants have certain campaigns or promotions like 'if we dont serve you in 15 mins, the meal is free', there is a certain fast food joint that actually works the other way round.

My recent experience with KFC in a few different outlets turns out to be the same painful ordeal each time. Order taking & giving is slow, sometimes with a few mistakes here and there, rectifying it takes a while more. There are times when newbies are given on-the-job trainings. Well please do train your personnels, but prepare them before the training, and not make them have their first every experience in using the cash machine and getting familiar with orders.

At the end of it, their campaign seems to be like 'if we serve you in below 30 mins, the meal is free'.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to target or intend to bring down this particular fast food brand, but it is just that, as a consumer we deserve to be served in a timely manner, provided the fact that the service is being paid for accordingly. I hope someone from KFC is listening, or rather reading.


mummy alesya said...

some branch like that lor

QarezmaV said...

but i experienced this in more than 1 branch and more than 1 state :P

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