Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Warmer Woes

During pre-baby shopping, getting a Steriliser was on the top-most must-buy list. Gone are the days where we boil a pot full of water just to boil the bottles in it. Baby care technologies have surely come a long way now.

Found a large variety of Sterlisers and I was humbled by the cost ranging from RM200-RM500. I had opted for Avent feeding bottles, but getting an Avent Steriliser was burning a into my pants (pocket already burnt with all the other purchases). Thank god the lady at one of the shops recommended me a more afforadable brand, Little Bean, and guess what, it also comes with a baby food/bottle warmer, costing abt RM199, with one year's warranty.

I managed to convince hubby to wait a while more before purchasing, as not to waste the warranty period, which was to start upon purchase, and baby's arrival was like 4 months later. Luckily so, I managed to find an online store having year-end sales with 20% discount on the exact same item.

So much background on the steriliser, when my post is titled on the warmer instead. Cut long story long (wasn't it?), I happily put the warmer to use. Few times of usage, I found it to be a lil bit slow, and the option for warming milk given is just 40 degrees Celcius. Even after changing the option to 70 degrees (food warming option) it is just as slow.

While I warm the bottle away, Sanju was always wailing away like he is 7 years hungry. One fine day we discovered that warming the bottle in a hot water is much faster, cos we dont have to wait for the temperature to reach 40/70, plus baby doesn't have to cry-out so long!

But hey, the steriliser works wonderfully! And it is now at the babysitter's for her convenience, and me? I am back on the good old traditional method of boiling the bottles - now don't laugh!


Iza Idris said...

My god Karisma... i should hv read ur post earlier!! bought the same brand at Jusco, but with a travelling warmer as well. my EDD is in Jan 2011 but since Jusco was having their membercard sale and the price was down to 150++, so i've decided to wait no more! Anyway, 1 question tho.. to sterile or warming the milk..should we (or me!) pour the tab water straight away on the heating plat (or whatever people called it)? how many ml should we put for sterile and how many ml for warming?

-Iza Idris-

QarezmaV said...

That is a very reasonable price! u can put the water into the heating plate, for the sterile, put enuf to cover the deepness of the plate, and for warming i put abt 1-2inches deep.. dont want too much otherwise take longer to heat :)

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