Thursday, July 8, 2010

My new love - Itti Bitti d'lish SIO

I came across these fantastic super luxe cloth diapers, Itti Bitti d'lish SIO through some professional CD mamas. When I say professional, yes I do mean professional, speaking CD language with jargons that makes me google them up! SIO you may ask, more details coming up!

With the decision to add on to my humble CD stash, as well as getting better absorption for my growing 5 month old, I ordered 2 of these IBs. They come trim and have this soft outer waterproof layer that not just looks cute, but very luxurious feel for baby. The outer looks so pretty (if I can use this word on my baby boy), I might just let him be without any pants or shorts for a while now!

Now this has been a new CD venture for myself. SIO stands for Snap In One, which means this diaper comes with snap-on soakers, that allows me to reuse the outer by just replacing the soaker pads once it is wet. Economical, no? Better off this way, considering the whole set of IB CDs with soakers cost quite a bomb for a mama on budget. Another added advantage is the option of adding extra absorbancy with mini boosters. So much snapping involved? But hey, it doesn't get confusing because the snaps are colour coded... poka yoke of sorts.

The quality of the soaker is the most important aspect of the IB. One layer of bamboo booster with a trifold bamboo booster gives multiple layers of absorption & also keeps it easy for drying time. The suedecloth topped hourglass stayed super dry on my boy even after the night use.

I can now shift my CD journey towards SIO method, purchasing more soakers to use on the existing 2 shells I already have - or so I tell myself to control my further CD stash!

Now I ask myself, what next?


Mel said...

would like to know the following:

which online store did u purchase them from?
is this one sized?
does all soakers have stay dry effect or only from this brand?


QarezmaV said...

hi mel,
i got it from a friend.
I do know a few stores selling them.. one of it is

all soakers should have stay dry effect if in contact with baby's skin

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