Thursday, July 8, 2010

My CD stash review

Here is a brief review of my humble CD stash:

Coolababy OS snaps pocket diaper
  • Pros - favourable price (read: cheap). Very trim fit, and easy to dry. Came with 2 microfibres each, so I have the option of doubling the inserts for longer use. Colour of the PUL looks shiny and new even after 3 months of daily use and wash
  • Cons - One insert can last 1-1.5hrs only. Fleece inner not dry enough to baby's skin
Autumnz OS velcro pocket diaper
  • Pros - Nice PUL. Very good absorbing insert by the standard of regular microfibers.
  • Cons -Hate the velcro, because it doesn't feel pleasant knowing baby's skin might be rubbing into it.
Bamboolite OS snaps pocket diaper
  • Pros - Reasonably priced CD. Love the bamboo inner on the baby skin. Inserts are top class in absorbing, can last for night use for a humbly priced CD.
  • Cons - Inserts & cover both takes longer to dry
Joli OS snaps pocket diaper
  • Pros - Works exactly the same way as Bamboolite... long lost sisters
QQ Minky OS pocket diaper
  • Pros - Love the minky outer, soft and cute. Plus this is my first CD with designs on the outer. 2 microfibers included are very good absorbers for day use. Microsuede inner smooth and gentle to skin
  • Cons - Can't think of any at the moment
Itti Bitti d'lish SIO
  • Pros - very luxe, cute & pretty. Good sets of soakers and boosters, and love the SIO concept. The future of economical cloth diapering for my baby. Small crotch
  • Cons - Perhaps the crotch is too small, afraid of pee or poo leaking, yet to confirm


mummy alesya said...

owh....envy of your stash

QarezmaV said...

eh joking rite.. my stash very humble.. still at growing stage :)

Sheena said...

aiyaaa got Joli printed laaa..I am so tempted!!hehe

QarezmaV said...

buy buy!!

Anonymous said...

where u buy the Itti Bitti cloth diaper, and how much it cost?

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